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Wow, this was amazing! I made it last night for guests as a trial run for Christmas morning, served in individual dessert dishes. I topped it with Strawberry Sauce #103421. I would caution that whatever topping you use, don't make it too sugary, like this strawberry sauce is. The creme is really delicate tasting so is easily overwhelmed by too much sugar. Still, it was so yummy. I also used light sour cream. Not only is this dish so incredibly easy to make but the wow factor is HUGE. I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten more reviews - people are missing out! I found another recipe for this online but it used 1 1/2 tsp cornstarch instead of the gelatine. I'm going to try that and hope it's more of a sauce and serve it over Blueberry Baked Oatmeal #110514 for Christmas breakfast. This dish will also do well at a mom's brunch I'm planning to host in a month or two. Thanks for this elegant and fantastic recipe!

Just an update, this creme goes very nicely with the blueberry baked oatmeal I mentioned above. Just make sure to use cornstarch instead of gelatine to give it a nice saucy consistency.

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MonsterMaha December 26, 2011

This was great. Just what I was looking for. I had this many years ago and have had trouble finding anything that came close to what I remembered, thank's alot.

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robbiestudio October 06, 2009
Sheila's Swedish Creme