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It all worked as described, but I really missed the ingredient of ginger in these dumplings: personal preference, probably! Having it in the dipping sauce was helpful. The flavors blend nicely, and I liked the extra kick from the jalapeno.

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East Wind Goddess March 06, 2010

There are actually Shanghai Dumplings made with pork, had some while I was in Shanghai last year for the world-expo (and a honeymoon weekend)...

As Bergy admits, this is not quite the same but nice none the less..

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elaran March 02, 2011

Tried this for the RSC #15 Contest. A couple of notes. I did make 1/2 the recipe as is and 1/2 with my changes to rate effectively. First to me, it was not that hot, I even used some of the seeds and ribs. But that is just my personal taste. Second, I did not like the roasted garlic, plain garlic to me had a much better flavor. Third, I preferred shitakis, vs white mushrooms, it gave a much deeper flavor which I thought was needed. Personal experience, using a Qtip can get fibers from the tip on the wonton. I use my finger to moisten always. Spraying the steamer, I use a bamboo steamer, you may just want to clarify that. A bamboo steamer doesn't need to be steamed as some teflon coated ones don't need either. Last ... Clarify the difference between Shanghai wonton wrappers and regular wrappers. Shanghai wrappers do not have egg in the dough whereas a regular wonton wrapper does. They do have a bit of a different taste and they are not as easily found. They are only available at my Asian Market whereas all my grocery store carry wonton wrappers. But overall a nice flavor and thx for sharing Kim

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SarasotaCook March 06, 2010
Shanghai Dumplings