Shakshouka (Eggs in Tomato and Pepper Sauce)

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Total Time
10 mins
30 mins

The sauce can be prepared and kept bottled in fridge (or frozen) and can be used in lots of other ways. Chopped up feta cheese could also be added. Serve sprinkled with lots of fresh chopped parsley, with fresh bread or pita.

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  1. Heat oil in heavy frying pan. Cook onions for 5 mins, until soft but not brown.
  2. Add peppers (and chili if using), cover and cook about 8 minutes until just tender.
  3. Add garlic, tomatoes, cover and cook 10 mins until vegetables blend and sauce thickens. Add seasoning, lower heat.
  4. Make an indentation in sauce and carefully break an egg into each.
  5. Cover and cook over low heat for 5 minutes, basting occasionally with juices, or until eggs have set.
  6. If you prefer the eggs ‘scrambled’ you can mix with a fork before covering.
  7. Serve.