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These wings were so tasty! I used whole chicken wings, but cut off the tips at the first joint because they always seem to burn and there isn't much meat on them anyway. Three pounds equaled 16 wings for me. I used two baking pans (one on the top rack and one one the bottom rack) and switched them halfway through cooking. In the marinade I used white Balsamic Vinegar and added a few drops of Chipotle Tabasco sauce. I served them with ranch dip and diced jalapenos. They were gone within minutes! I look forward to making these again. Thanks for the great recipe Vina!

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ClareVH June 14, 2004

I made these and forgot to rate them, sorry. These were pretty good, they didn't stick at all, they had a different flavour that I could not decide if I liked it or not, on the other hand my son woofed them down and wanted more, I prefer regular plain Shake and Bake for myself though.

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Tahiti June 12, 2004
Shake and Bake Chicken Wings