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This was excellent; I really enjoyed the various spices although the cayenne pepper was too much for my kids even though I only put in half of what was called for, so next time I'd decrease it even more. I also would skip the eggs entirely as no one was crazy for them but this was essentially delicious and I'd make it again.

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scancan December 15, 2007

Loved this! I made it for Sabbath when I needed to be out of the house all day Friday. I wasn't sure the beans would cook all the way through. I was pleasantly surprised to find them perfect. So Yummy. The flavors are great. Not your typical beef stew, which is what I was hoping for. I like it spicy but will cut back on the cayenne for the kids. The eggs are so good Sabbath morning with left over challa. Thanks for the recipe. Making it again tonight!

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Amalia Marie April 12, 2013

awesome- tastes like my mother's. I followed the recipe as written. This comes out so wonderful and filling-real comforting and warm food.thanks for this awesome recipe!!

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petlover June 28, 2008
Shabbat Chamin / Cholent (Meat and Potato Stew)