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These were super easy to do - As soon as the dough was made, I used my smalles scooper and was able to scoop 33 balls. Covered these and put in fridge for an hour or so. It was then the simplest thing ever to roll and shape them right on the silpat - didn't use any flour at all! I used whole almonds, because if there is an easy way to split those guys in half I don't know what it is! But the whole ones were perfect. Used a green tinted egg wash and they baked perfectly in 12 minutes. I was worried about the nails falling off but there was no fear of that - they were firmly attached. Great recipe!

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969192 October 29, 2009

These were good! I added almond extract as suggested - yummy! They were a little soft for me, though. Next time I'm going to put two pretzel sticks inside each cookie as finger bones so that they crunch when you bite in to them!

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cowgirl_cook October 31, 2007

Try this! Take the cookies out of the oven 1 minute early. Use kitchen tongs, or your fingers, just be careful-HOT-to pinch the dough together. This is when you can really create the shape of the knuckles and create a really cool wrinkled effect! Just pop them back in the oven for one more minute and voila!

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kristy7578 October 31, 2007

I didn't realize how thin you had to roll these...mine turned out more like "toes" but they were still tasty.

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stanhoop October 29, 2008

I made these for the kiddies' Halloween party last week (early) and it was a BIG hit, more with the adults than the kids themselves! The kids found them a bit creepy, some of them even refused to try it... more for us adults! Once chilled, the dough was very easy to work with, didn't even need extra flour. I worked with small portions at a time, chilling the rest in the fridge and I doubled the recipe with no problem. I added in a bit more vanilla than stated and a few drops of almond extract as well. I still need to practice to shape the fingers properly, because even though I did roll them out quite thin, they did spread out while baking. Mine turned out more like monster's thumb than witchypoo's fingers, but they tasted fab! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. This one is definitely a keeper!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum October 20, 2011

I'm not a baker, but I had to try these for our Halloween party! They turned out sooooo cool, and were not as difficult as I thought. I did add both 1/4 tsp vanilla AND 1/4 tsp almond extract to the batter. I couldn't find blanched almonds, but regular almonds worked just fine in the food coloring. I posted a picture! Definitely work with small batches of dough at a time and keep the rest in the fridge until you are ready. That seems to help!

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debfox4420 October 25, 2010

I thought these were ok. The taste was so-so. I even added almond extract to them. Presentation wise, they're a hit-I used a green egg wash, but there's nothing simple about the process. I rolled them very thin and they still came out looking like fingers from Andre the Giant. Having to keep putting the dough in the freezer was a pain. I used sliced almonds since that's what I had, and my fingers will be red for a month of Sundays. Great idea, but not something I would make again.

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Ashleigh12 October 31, 2009

These cookies were great. We added green food coloring and used pecans as the nails to create "Zombie Fingers". With a mix of green and red gel icing they looked very creepy. I hate to say I scared a child with them, but once he got a taste he couldn't put them down.

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CaptHowdy September 13, 2009

These sure caused quite a commotion at the Halloween party! Everyone loved the looks and flavor of these cookies. I made a few adaptations like substituting sliced almonds for nails and adding slivered almonds for a bone sticking out of the other end of the finger. I also omitted the egg wash and food coloring, but added red gel icing for an erie "garnish". These are fun for kids to help with; keep in mind to roll them thin, as they will spread and flatten a little while baking. Thanks for a great party recipe!

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Andrewzmom November 01, 2005

My boyfriend wanted to make these to take to work so we made a double batch to split. I wasn't sure after reading other reviews, as I'm usually not a fan of labor-intensive recipes, but I would definitely make these cookies again. We made the dough the evening before, split it into scant-tablespoon-size balls on waxed paper, covered with plastic wrap, and left them in the refrigerator until the next day when we were ready to work with them. We took out 10-15 balls at a time to keep the dough well-chilled and had NO problem working with them. After only a little bit of trial and error we figured out a method that led to great results. Per earlier reviews we used half vanilla and half almond for the extract and were pleased with the taste. We did not use any food coloring or the egg wash. We used sliced almonds for fingernails and really liked the effect of some jagged edges and often seeing brown around the edges from the almond skin. My boyfriend also had the fantastic idea to press a dried cranberry in the "severed" end to make it look additionally gruesome. After shaping and before baking, we brushed cinnamon over the fingers to give a bit of "dirt" look and skin tone. We found that the fingers swelled a little bit during baking, but not as much as I feared they would. I did add a picture to show the "unpainted" almonds and the cranberry ends. They taste very good and are quite a hit at work!

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Katie November 02, 2015
Severed Fingers Halloween Cookies