Seven Sisters Secret Sauce!!

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Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

A superb sauce with that Middle Eastern flavour from the Tahini. My six sisters-in-law tried to decide what was in the sauce! Hence the being the seventh sister! Delicious in chicken sandwiches, over grilled meats and also as a dip.

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  1. Put natural yogurt, mayonnaise and Tahini sauce in a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Add mustard, honey, lemon and stir.
  3. Salt and pepper.
  4. Add any of the ingredients again to suit your taste.
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We love the flavor of Tahini so I decided to try your "Seven Sisters Secret Sauce". I used it as a dipping sauce with pita bread wedges while we enjoyed our cocktail hour before dinner. Just put the ingredients in a bowl, stir and serve...doesn't get much easier than that! Thanks for sharing this.

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Excellent combination! Omit honey and add a few drops of vinegar to get a different taste. Yummy!

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This was a really good sauce, perfect for that leftover tahini that I always seem to have hanging around. Next time I will be more careful about how much lemon juice I add, or add more honey, because it was a bit on the tart side. But I kept sticking my finger in the bowl just the same. I served it over fish and rice.