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I honestly have to say I didn't think this salad would be a huge hit because DH & DD don't eat cheese or Ranch dressing. But to my surprise they LOVED it! I can only guess that the sugar in the dressing & the cheese did not overpower the rest of the ingredients. I almost used a red onion instead of white but decided to go with the recipe. I'm really glad I did. I might mix it up in the future for color, but will definitely be making this one again. DS wasn't home for dinner tonight but I know when he gets home this salad will be loved by him as well. Thanks for sharing your family recipe, Jimmy! Made & enjoyed for Fall 2008 Pick A Chef.

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**Tinkerbell** October 13, 2008

Nothing is lovlier than a layered salad when served in a compote bowl. This was no exception. I think this salad needs a crisphead lettuce so it stands up to the chilling time without wilting. Left the sugar out of the dressing as we don't like too sweet dressing. Thnx for posting, Jimmy. Made for Fall 2009 PAC.

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Darkhunter October 08, 2008

What a simple, delicious salad. Since this recipe makes a lot of salad, I served it for a dinner party, and my guests really enjoyed the flavors of the boiled egg and bacon in this salad. I did not follow the directions about chilling the salad 12 hours before serving. Instead, I chilled my salad 1 hour before serving to retain the crispness of the lettuce. Thanks for posting this recipe. Made for Fall PAC 2008.

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CarolAT October 07, 2008
Seven Layer Salad