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  1. In a bowl combine all the above Mawa ingredients and knead the dough by adding milk slowly and gradually till you get soft dough crumble it keep aside.
  2. Boil the sugar with water to one thread consistency to form a syrup.
  3. Add the saffron and yellow colors.
  4. Reduce heat.
  5. Soak the Sev in to rose water to make it bit soggy and also to absorb the fragrance of rose water, for approximately 10 seconds.
  6. Quickly put the sev and mawa into syrup and stir well.
  7. Grease a baking tray and pour out the mixture on to it.
  8. Decorate with silver"VARK".
  9. Cut into squares or any other shapes e.g diamond shape or any other you want when cool.
  10. Serve it.

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