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This tastes so doggone good that I have to give it five stars. But the instructions need some major work. Zmail me for some suggestions. A main one is to break the process down into steps, so people don't think it's just one big step. I'll be adding photos to cover marinating, cooking and serving. To serve, I add some steamed sugar snap peas as a vegetable. Hey, I love green -- as a colour and a food. By the way, it's winter in Australia, so I stir-fried this indoors and in a wok. I cooked the meat in batches, and set it aside. Then I added two teaspoons of cornflour (cornstarch) to the remaining marinade. I fired up the wok, returned all the meat and then added the remaining marinade and sugar snap peas. Then I heated all until warm and served over steamed rice. Hubby, who has a poor sense of smell, kept commenting on how nice the kitchen smelled -- and I hadn't even started to cook yet. Oh, and I only used 1/3 cup of oil plus one tablespoon of sesame oil.

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Leggy Peggy May 28, 2008

This was wonderful. I scaled it down for about 1.3 lbs. of boneless top sirloin. I sliced the meat into strips and let it marinate most of the day, then stir fried for dinner. What a great taste -- charred and savory with a hint of sweet. Cooking the sesame seeds in the oil was a key step to really bring out their flavor. It went well with buttered salt creamers (those tiny potatoes), steamed fresh broccoli and baby carrots braised in honey orange butter. The meat was so good I know we'll have it again!

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vrvrvr October 04, 2007

This was so tasty!!!! The sesame seeds really make the difference in this marinade. Just loved this steak!!! This will be made many times at our house. Thanks for posting a great recipe.

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diner524 September 22, 2007
Sesame Steak