sesame poli

READY IN: 27mins
Recipe by vimala mudigonda

It is a festival dish. healthy &tasty food.Not so fat.

Top Review by Charishma_Ramchanda

I made this today exactly as given in the recipe, except that I didn't use oil to roast the sesame seeds, but instead, just dry roasted them. I faced alot of problem in step 7. No matter how much I tried, I wasn't able to make the jaggery mixture into balls. It kept breaking off. I also had problems in step 11 as I couldn't really understand what was meant by the words "and cover". Cover with what? With another disc of dough or fold the same disc to cover? It was a tad confusing to me. Ultimately, I just kneaded the atta dough, pinched off equal size balls and re-kneaded these balls with the jaggery mixture and then proceeded to make the round rotis which were a mixture of the atta dough and jaggery mixture. These turned out to be on the less sweet side. I would love to know whether these have to be cooked till they are more crisp or should they be cooked just until they are cooked, i.e., golden brown, but still slightly soft? I would appreciate your adding this to the recipe. Thanks!

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  1. Mix two flours,salt with sufficient water to a fine (as puri) dough.
  2. Knead well.
  3. Cover it&let it stay for ½hour.
  4. Meanwhile prepare for stuffing.
  5. Roast sesame seeds till it gets good flavour,cool it&grind it along with coconut&jaggery.
  6. Mix cardamom seeds directly.
  7. Add dissolved saffron to this and make it equal size balls.
  8. keep aside.
  9. Now knead the atta dough well.
  10. make it equal sized balls.
  11. Roll like puris&place one sweet ball in it&cover.
  12. it.
  13. Roll it carefully to a round roti.
  14. Heat"tawa" (griddle) cook them both sides to golden brown colour,using 2 tsp oil.
  15. Variation:-Can be prepared with using channadaal.
  16. moongdaal,freshcoconut,suji&sugaˆc also.

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