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This was wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to start. First of all, the fish with its sesame coating was very, very bland. The sesame added nothing flavor-wise, and should have been a little toasted first to give it some color. The sauce was also way off. Much too much ginger, which gave it a very strong, bitter taste. Luckily, I started off with less ginger, so it wasn't totally ruined. Also, the ginger would have been better finely chopped, not in long pieces - too much intensity in the mouth at once. And even though I added less ginger, it still was overpowering, so I increased the orange juice and added some lemon juice. I also used less red pepper flakes. In the end, the sauce was good with my tweaks, but the fish was tasteless. Also, the cooking time was way off. Trout fillets take about 5 minutes, not a total of 10-16, as the recipe indicates. I've made trout so many times, I've lost count, and it has always turned out well. Unfortunately, I have to say, this was the worst trout recipe I've ever tried.

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Meryl March 10, 2010

DH and I made this lovely dish for dinner a few weeks back. This is a really tasty dish with good visual impact. DH thought it had very interesting flavor and enjoyed the recipe as posted. I thought the ginger was a little too potent. Next time, I might cut back a bit on the ginger (maybe cut back by 1 Tb). Thanks for posting this unique way to prepare trout.

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Dr. Jenny May 31, 2008
Sesame Crusted Trout With Ginger Scallion Salad