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I LOVE these crackers they are fun to eat and kinda fun to make!! If you have a thing for sesame seeds you gotta try these.

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monkeylar October 15, 2008

These little crackers are yummy! I'd never made homemade crackers before, so this was fun..I added about 1-2 tablespoons of poppyseeds, just because I love poppyseeds! Thanks for a great recipe.

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Hazeleyes April 11, 2005

Perfecto! I've been searching for a good cracker recipe and this is right on the money. Gotta love how healthy these are... just an added bonus as to how delicious these are! ;) I found the flavor rather like wheat thins. I found they were much better with a sprinkling of salt on top and I pricked the tops after some in my first batch puffed up funny. Thinner is definitely better- the thicker ones are not nearly as crisp. I ground about 1/4 cup whole sesame seeds in my coffee grinder, but ended up with about twice that amount, which really surprised me! I only used 1/4 cup of the ground seeds, which is what I assume is right for the recipe. Next time I will try adding a couple tsp of whole seeds too or maybe some flax. Or spices! Or fresh garlic! Lots of potential in these little guys. I would have liked some direction for grinding the sesame seeds... Just 'cause ground sesame seeds are not something everyone has sitting in a canister in their kitchen- like are they supposed to be floury or just cracked? I think I almost overdid mine. I would have also liked at least an estimate of the cook time per batch. I had to check mine constantly. I was delighted at how easy these were to make and were to roll out! Delicious! Will definitely make again.

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Roosie August 28, 2004

This is a nice recipe, but I think the whole wheat flour made it bitter. I will add some sugar to it, or use a combination of white and wheat next time. I used my pasta maker to roll the dough out, which is easier than rolling it out by hand :) and then cut small circles using a cookie cutter .. thanks, this one is a keeper!

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najwa February 19, 2004

SIX STAR ALERT! This is the cracker recipe I go back to over and over again. I like this recipe because it is quick and easy. I grind the sesame seeds in my coffee grinder. My toddler likes it and munches through the crackers very happily. It is a great base recipe to which you can add as much salt, pepper and spices as you are comfortable with. An excellent little cracker.

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Missy Wombat June 24, 2003
Sesame Crisp Crackers