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I bought a bunch of watermelons because they were on sale, so I went looking for recipes and this sounded perfect. It turned out even better than I thought. Thanks for sharing!

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rpgaymer August 06, 2012

This is my family's favorite dinner! The chicken marinade is so good, and the watermelon salsa is so refreshing on a hot day. We serve it over rice. There is a lot of chopping involved but it is worth it. I use rice vinegar instead of rice wine, or you can just leave that out. If you don't want to mess with fresh ginger, you could use powder. As long as you have plenty of cilantro and lime juice, it's good. Also, if you don't have "chili sauce with garlic," use regular chili sauce, and garlic if you have it. The yellow pepper adds nice color to the watermelon, but you could use any color pepper. I would NOT substitute the sesame oil, as that gives the chicken a rich flavor. I just encourage you to try it even if you don't want to buy some of the more uncommon ingredients, because it's so good! I double the salsa recipe for 4 of us and we use all of it.

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Avalon123 March 21, 2011
Sesame-Chile Chicken With Gingered-Watermelon Salsa