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Not only did the whole family enjoy this recipe, my teenage son requested I put it on the regular rotation.

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WendyMaq February 16, 2014

Loved it! This was so fast to make; if you have everything prepped, it's just five minutes until dinner! I wasn't sure how the hot stir fry would go on the cold greens but the dressing melds everything together into a warm and delicious dinner. I used the Newman's Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing too-love it! I did the stir fry traditionally in a wok with peanut oil with the ginger and garlic first, then adding the meat and vegetables. I added a red pepper for more color. I'm not sure about the name; I know it's from Pampered Chef and not yours, but I think people expecting a traditional fried, flavorful sesame chicken would be disappointed - the chicken is really plain except for the salad dressing. Next time I will marinate it. For a dinner meal, this only serves three people - maybe four for lunch.

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FLKeysJen June 06, 2008
Sesame Chicken Stir Fry Salad