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A mighty fine recipe! I made chicken 'nuggets' rather than drumettes because I had boneless chicken thighs on hand and made a honey-mustard dip to go along with it. It's a mild flavor, but very good, and a snap to make. I double breaded a few pieces just to see how they would turn out. I liked the single coating better. This is one recipe no household with kids should be without~~~forget McYuk's! :)

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GinnyP October 08, 2002

These tasted good, but didn't really wow me. I love all of the ingredients and the combination souded like it would be very flavorful. Unfortunately, I found these to be a little on the bland side and felt that they needed more seasonings - perhaps some garlic and seasoned bread crumbs would help boost the flavor a bit more. I do like that these bake in the oven rather than frying, although even with a well oiled pan, some of the breading stuck to the pan and made it dificult when trying to flip them over midway through cooking.

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HeatherFeather November 08, 2002

I loved the fact that it didn't need any soy based products. However, it was fairly bland, something remedied quickly with a sweet and sour sauce. I have found by adding some onion powder, cayenne and paprika to the breading and 1 or two drops of sesame oil to the wet mix increased the flavor profile. I also liberally sprayed the pan and the chicken preventing any sticking and leaving a nice toasted color when done.

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noslot April 03, 2010

I had high hopes for this one. I love that it's baked, I love sesame seeds, I love wings. It was bland and the coating stuck to the oiled pan. I still believe there is hope for this recipe but not as written.

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riffraff December 07, 2004
Sesame Chicken Drumettes