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I made this recipe twice. Both time I had issues with the butter separating. The first time, the "oily" butter separated from the sugar, leaving something like a brittle, so I discarded the oil, spread the brittle on the graham crackers and continued with the recipe. This baked up nicely and "stuck" to the crackers. The second time, I tried cooking the butter and sugar longer ... still, this "oily" separation. I added the almonds to this mixture, poured the whole thing over the graham crackers, and got soggy crackers. I baked as directed, but the mixture didn't stick to the crackers like the first batch. The almonds and sesame seeds kept falling off with every bite. So I scraped the almonds off the crackers and used them as a waffle topping (which, by the way was delicious!) Even with all my "issues" ... we loved 'em. The only thing missing, was a drizzle of chocolate over the top. Thanks Barb :) I made this for the "Cooking with an Asian Accent" event - March 2009.

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"Ratalouille" March 30, 2009
Sesame Almond Squares