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Wow! This roast has great flavor! It's one of the best pot roasts I've made. I used a 4 1/2 pound chuck roast and kept it on low for about 10 hours while I was at work. It was just right. Tender, but it still had some texture to be able to slice it. The mushroomy sauce was outstanding. Thanks for sharing this winner. (10/28/08) Updated: I see the stars didn't post in my October review, so I'm adding them here. Absolutely a 5 star recipe.

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PanNan December 21, 2008

This deserves it's 5 stars and more! The flavors were delicious! I followed MichelliBelli's suggestion about using the dried onions and no sodium beef base instead of the salty soup mix and it worked out finel The gravy was rich and was delicious over our mashed potatoes and meat. With glazed carrots and coleslaw as our sides I got thumbs up for the whole meal!

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miltt September 08, 2009

This was good, but loaded with salt, so next time instead of the soup mix, I will try dried onions and no sodium beef base. I am sure it will be a great substitute and will help to lower the sodium. It made a nice gravy, and the meal was really good though salty. Thank you for the recipe!

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MichelliBelli June 25, 2009

My boys loved this!! I was so excited, I didn't even ask my DH. This is a keeper. I made it as per directions and it was wonderful,THANKS!

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Sherry B. March 14, 2009

Okay, to be honest, I am NOT a fan of crockpots. Gave my first one away 30 years ago after a couple of nice cuts of meat turned 'mushy'. But with a DS and DDIL who have seriously demanding work schedules, I invested in a (seriously expensive) second crock pot, hoping to experiment and find a few dishes to make their hectic lives easier. Well...EUREKA!! Your recipe absolutely rocks! After reading the reviews, I agreed with those who thought the onion soup mix might be a little salty, so I also subbed a packet of au jus mix. Even though we love spicy foods, 2 T. of spicy Montreal sounded like a lot, but I went with the flow. Wasn't overwhelming at all, and next time I think I will increase it. Wonderful dinner! Tomorrow I'm going to add some roasted potatoes and carrots and a thickening agent to make a beef stew. Thanks for submitting a recipe that made me feel like I wasn't a total fool for investing in another crockpot! :)

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highcotton March 11, 2009

The pot roast was tender and the gravy - OH MY! When I mixed the soup mix with the chicken broth, any form of liquid completely disappeared, but by the time the roast was ready, it was full of DELICIOUS gravy. I sliced the pot roast and let all the slices of meat soak up all the sauce and yum! I really didn't expect the gravy to be so rich and full of flavour. I've also learned now that my family LOVES onions that come out of the crockpot, so I added three sliced onions to this. I wish I added even more mushrooms too. Next time I'll probably add some potatoes and carrots as well. Thanks for a simple yet tasty recipe :)

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yamakarasu March 07, 2009

This was an excellent recipe. The whole family loved it. I did sub a package of powdered Ajus for the Lipton Onion Soup Mix. My husband and I agreed that the Lipton soup packet might be to salty for our liking. Other than that it was delicious. I will surely make this again.

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Chefto3 January 21, 2009

MMMM!!!!!! A hit with everyone. DH requested that I make it again in 2 days for his friends who are coming over for dinner. I wouldn't change a thing! It was absolutely wonderful.

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Allymom January 14, 2009

Mmm... a very easy and tasty roast meat. I used a Rump Roast with great results. (we dont have Lipton Onion Soup mix here in Aust. so I just used a 40gm pkt of French Onion Soup Mix)I cooked mine on low for 5 hours and cranked it up to high for another hour. (My crockpot cooks on a very low heat) I removed my roast...sliced it and served it with roast veg. I served the left overs the following night with mashed spuds and veg...YUM!

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Stardustannie August 28, 2008
Seriously Delicious Pot Roast...seriously!!!!!