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This is a fabulously easy recipe. I have made it before as directed, but this time I wanted to change it up a bit. So I substituted some toasted walnuts for the peanuts, and instead of mixing them in, I sprinkled them on top. Voila, a Mississippi Mud Cake when put on top of Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake. Rich and sweet and satisfying! Thanks for posting The Doctor's great recipe.

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appleydapply April 27, 2009

I needed a chocolate icing recipe for cupcakes at the last minute, using things I had in the cupboard. This one worked pretty well. I added the marshmallows, but didn't like the lumpy texture so I let them melt in all the way, and ended up with a nice, smooth chocolate glaze. I left out the nuts since I didn't have any. I was able to ice about 30 cupcakes (I was in a hurry and didn't let it cool, so it spread thin, which I didn't mind). I have about 3/4 cup left in the fridge which, after I heat it up a bit, should make a nice, thick frosting for brownies. Thanks for the recipe!

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Wendybird 2 November 16, 2007

I followed this recipe to the T since I had never done a rocky road icing before. When I went to put it on the cake the frosting did not stick well to the sides of it. It just kind of clumped onto some parts. Not sure how to remedy this from happening in the future

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picklemendez September 25, 2011
Semisweet Chip Rocky Road Frosting