Semi-Copycat Sporky Pizza from Bertucci's

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

This was my favorite pizza when I lived in Boston. I've tried to get our local pizza places to make and sell it, but to no avail. They just make the same old - same old pizza! I have not included oven temp or time to cook because it all depends on the pizza you buy.

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  1. Set the oven at the right temp from directions on pizza box.
  2. Sprinkle part of olive oil over pizza top.
  3. Slice tomato and spread on top of pizza.
  4. Use the riccota in chunks and spread over pizza.
  5. Spread chunks of sausage over top of pizza.
  6. Sprinkle rest of olive oil over all.
  7. Top with as much mozzorella as you wish.
  8. Put into oven for as long as required by pizza directions on box.
  9. However, 5 minutes before the minimum time has elapsed, check to see if pizza is ready.