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Cook 20 mins

Vegetarian Times 2007. Note the recipe directions called for 2 tbsp oil. I have no clue where the 3rd came from in the ingredients but use one for the mix and the spare if you need it when you baste the meatballs before baking. I dedicate this to Pot Scrubber and he will understand why...

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  1. Preheat oven to 400°F Coat cookie sheet with spray.
  2. Blend seitan in food processor until crumbles.
  3. Add pecans and pulse until combined.
  4. Transfer to bowl and stir in breadcrumbs, parsley, basil, 1 tbsp oil, garlic, braggs and oregano.
  5. Whisk egg replacer with water until frothy. Then fold into mix. No YOU cannot add the powder to the seitan mix and then add the water. {someone was going to ask.}.
  6. Shape into 18 balls. Place on sheet. Brush with remaining olive oil.
  7. Bake 20 minutes. Turn once. You want them crusty and lightly browned.
  8. Add to your favorite tomato sauce and pasta.
  9. Prepare pasta. Top with sauce and then meatballs. Serve.


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I really enjoyed these. I did change a few things. I used all dried herbs. I didn't have fresh. I used about 2 tbsp. instead of the 1/4 cup. I could have used more. I used tamari sauce instead of brags and 3 tbsp. flax seed meal as my egg substitute. It all worked out very well and the meat balls are delicate. I am going to use more herbs next time and maybe add some different spices like chipotle.

Chef Joey Z. April 16, 2009

These are easy and tasty both hot and cold. The pecans give a really lovely subtle flavour. Used fresh sage, thyme and parsley from garden (pork flavourings as I'm a recent vegan and still remember classic herb/meat pairings), reduced salt soy sauce and 3 tbsp ground flaxseed for egg substitute as suggested by Chef Joey Z. Worked like a dream. Wish I'd also noted his recommendation re water quantities, next time will reduce to 1/2 cup or less. They were a bit wet and quite delicate to handle but formed well; I reshaped a bit when I turned them. Cooked for 10min first side, 15min second side. Sprayed with oil again when I turned them for crispy exterior. I made them for a savoury energy/protein boost (get bored of flapjacks) for an endurance bike ride and they were brilliant! They also freeze well; I look forward to reheating and serving with spaghetti and marinara sauce, am pretty sure my meat eating boyfriend won't be able to tell the difference. GREAT recipe.

FrannyNX June 30, 2015

They recipe is great tasting. I too had trouble with binding seitan. Using ener-g egg substitute. Will try thicker binder solution next time.

Greg W. July 05, 2014

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