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These pickles are amazing! My first time making pickles and I found them so easy to do and the result was terrific. I used small cukes cut into chunks. Loved this recipe - thanks for sharing it! Made for the Best of 2011 event, recommended by Maito

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loof January 20, 2012

I have never made pickles, and was so impressed. In fact, these are the best pickles I have ever had! We aren't fond of sweet pickles (so left the sugar out) or allspice/cloves/juniper berries, so subbed mustard and caraway seeds. After pouring in to the jar (very easily with a funnel) the amount of water and vinegar in the recipe, I decided I had to make a second batch of it (therefore the amount was doubled), since it yielded so little for the size jars/cucumbers I was using. I didn't want to upset the acid balance and have 3/4 of the jar as pure boiled water. I halved the cucumbers so I could continually take one out to taste them. Even after one hour, they were super duper delicious and tasted just like a dill pickle, but seemed to be more "done" by 3 hours. This was their prime. At 1-3 days they are still unbelievably good and crunchy, but the centers start to soften slightly from sitting in the brine (maybe if you leave the cucumbers whole this doesn't happen), and then by 4-7 days they continue soften a bit more. These are so easy to make, and healthier and far better in taste than any store bought pickle I've ever had. A definite new favorite!

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Maito October 31, 2011
Segura Pickles