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So Calamity Janet is correct, it was kinda frustrating figuring out the right proportions but after being taken in by its name and reading the recipe I decided it sounded too good to pass up. Very happy I took a crack at it! I tried following the recipe as close as I could but worked on the measurements. So if it would help anyone trying to accomplish making this dish I'll post just the revisions of measurements I used in this recipe.
1 stick of butter
1 cup milk (I have soo much milk I decided to use it instead of water)
2 cups (maybe?) flour. I found 1 cup wasn't enough so kept adding. I probably ended up adding a little less than 3 cups but after trying the end result I would add a little less
1/4 heaping cup cheese
2 tbs butter
1 1/2 cups milk

And the end result is fabulous! It's not fishy at all. My bf doesn't like fish and was initially grossed out to hear I was making something with salmon for dinner but after I made him try it he gave it a 9/10 and told me to keep the recipe, so that definitely says something about how yummy this dish is.

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BibbatyBoppityBoo August 24, 2010

NOTE: this recipe is written in metric and imperial units, AND liquid and weight measures. While I can convert 230 C to 446 F, I find it harder to convert 65g of butter (2.333 oz) when right below I have a dry measure of 1 cup water. Should this not be 8 oz or 250 ml?? I printed out and had my ingredients out to make this recipe when I became discouraged by the mish mash of measurements and gave up :(

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CalamityJanet March 01, 2010
Seething Monster