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This was fantastic!!! Even my son, the world pickiest eater, ate his whole piece. I used a whole wheat tortilla for the base. I used another reviewers suggestion and sauteed the onion and 3 cloves of garlic, then added the fresh spinach to the pan till it got wilty. I spread that on top of the cheese. I didn't have lemon pepper, so I just added pepper and a tbsp of lemon juice to the mixture. I also added a bit of Herbamare seasoning and a pinch of cayenne. Served it with salsa. Sooooo delicious!!!

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Colleen M. January 30, 2011

Recently, my wife asked me if I could cook meals once per week. I rarely cook, when I do it's 99% of the time limited to some sort of pasta dish... and most other times when I am in the kitchen end up becoming a disaster! Not only was this easier to make than pasta, but it was a lot of fun, satisfying, and really really delicious. I'm pretty proud of myself, and my wife was so happy with it that she took pictures (which we uploaded to this site). We will definitely be making this "easy quiche" again!!

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tonyspeller January 13, 2011

I love this and make it at least once a month. Usually I substitute flax for a couple of the eggs and use whatever cheese I have, but otherwise make it just as it says. So easy and yummy!

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LittleBitGranola July 30, 2010

Delicious! I added onion and used montreal seasoning instead of lemon pepper. I minced regular garlic and sauteed it with the onions. Made this dish just to use up spinach and ate it for breakfast every morning for a week and didn't get tired of it. I'm making it again next week. Thanks!

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jrusk August 07, 2011

I love making breakfast for company and decided it was time to try something new rather than all of my usual favorites. I had my daughter help by tearing the spinach and layering it with the cheese and I have to be honest, she thought it looked rather disgusting. Once it was out of the oven though, she tried it and declared that it would be perfect to serve at the brunch on the morning after her wedding!! I made two of these "pies", along with bacon and other egg dishes and they ate every bit of them. I followed the recipe except that I forgot to get garlic so I added garlic powder to the eggs. The one thing I will do differently next time (and there will be lots of next times!) is to layer the bacon with the spinach and cheese. Pouring it in with the eggs, it stayed on top of the pie and was a bit overcooked and dry. Thanks for a new favorite!

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FlowrBx June 04, 2010

cooked this for dinner tonight and me and my hubby loved it didn't have a circle cake pan to do it in but just put it in my small cassarole dish and it worked out. 5 stars from this family!!!!!

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CharityCollazoGuevara September 21, 2011

Love this! Used frozen spinach and yogurt instead of the milk, as it's what I had on hand. Skipped the tortilla since we didn't have any, and used about half the cheese... I did sprinkle the top with grated parm when it came out of the oven. All 4 of my kids loved it... next time the kids want to use broccoli in place of the spinach.

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dangerousmommy August 05, 2011

With my limited cooking utensils, I ended up making a double serve in my rectangular baking dish. Worked a charm!! I am a huge fan on thin crusts on most crust foods, like pizza etc. This was delicious and so easy. I like easy.... :) thanks for sharing!

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Monzeeki July 22, 2010

Tasty spinach pie. I made this a lower calorie and fat recipe by using 2 cups of egg whites with 2 whole eggs, soymilk, and reduced fat cheddar cheese. I enjoyed using a tortilla for the crust. Easy to put together and cooks up beautifully. I had to cook it an extra 20 minutes for whatever reason before the middle firmed up. I also added some sriracha and fresh basil to the eggs in step 1. This is something I would make again. Thanks!

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zaar junkie July 05, 2010

Oh my! This was so good! First time I'd ever roasted garlic...what a fantastic aroma! Could hardly wait to taste it added to this dish. It was delicious! I used a cheese blend of pepper jack and cheddar. I also used turkey bacon, which was a great addition to this flavorful mixture. I placed the flour tortilla in a 9-in layer cake pyrex dish. That gave it the nice shape of a "quiche" pie. Topped it with picante sauce, and I tell you, I loved every bite! Thanks for sharing!

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Chef Treenie March 13, 2011
Secretly Delicious Spinach Pie