Secret Sandwich (Lunch Box Surprise)

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by NcMysteryShopper

For our 5 year olds lunch box for either snack time or lunch for his first year at kindergarten that are reasonably healthy but will bring a smile to his face when he finds them. Kids tire of the same old sandwich, so I came up with this as a new and fun way to make sure he doesn't skip his sandwich! I was surprised at how much lunch meat and cheese I was able to get in the muffin! If you child likes lettuce you could stuff some of that inside as well. You could actually fill the hole with just about any type of sandwich filling. :)

Top Review by mymainefamily

I used bologna, cheese, mayo and pickles. Chopped up the meat and cheese to small pieces and mixed it all up. Then put in a small roll. My daughter loved it. Today I did the same with tunafish, my other daughter loved it!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 dinner roll, muffin (Dinner roll baked in muffin tin, I bought them in our grocery store's bakery)
  • mayonnaise or mustard
  • 1 -2 slice deli turkey (your child's favorite) or 1 -2 slice deli chicken (your child's favorite) or 1 -2 slice deli ham (your child's favorite)
  • 1 slice cheese (your child's favorite)


  1. Using a small paring knife, pierce the bottom of the muffin until the knife almost reaches the top. Cut a circle and pull out the bread cylinder and set aside.
  2. Using your fingers, press the inside bread walls to make them thinner.
  3. Add condiment of your choice to inside of roll.
  4. Add lunch meat until it is about a 1/3 full. Then add cheese until it is 2/3 full and fill with more lunch meat.
  5. Cut a bit of the cylinder off and apply condiment to the bready side of the circle. Press into bottom of muffin.

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