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First, I want to clarify that I do not rate recipes 5 stars just to be nice or polite but only when it's spectacular. This was SPECTACULAR! The chicken was unbelievably tender and seasoned perfectly. I made chicken strips cut from breasts. Followed the recipe exactly except I reduced the garlic powder the 1/2 tsp (personal taste preference). Don't miss letting the chicken sit for a while after breading. I had NO problem with the breading falling off but I think that was due to letting it sit like instructed. I marinated the cut chicken in the liquid mixture for a couple of hours in the fridge before breading and frying. That also might have made a difference with the breading staying on. Some have mentioned taste being bland. I disagree as we thought the taste was perfect. Follow the directions exactly but remember everyone has their own preferences with taste. When they are done if you think it needs more sprinkle some seasonings over the finished product and adjust the recipe.

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Seashorewalker May 25, 2011

Delicious! I cut my chicken breasts into tenders, and they taste just like ones from a restaurant, they were so good! I must admit I used about 3 pinches of cayenne (we like it spicy). We fried these in our deep fryer at 375 degrees for 4 minutes. They were perfect! Thank you for posting, I will definitely make these again!

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Karabea April 13, 2010

My wife made this last night, but a little different...instead of frying, she baked it in the oven at 375 for 1-1/2 hours. It turned out GREAT!!! The skin was nice & crispy & the meat was moist. THANKS for the idea...will most definately make it, again!

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Ackman August 29, 2008

I really did not get to eat it due to me being on a diet but my husband loves it. I did fry up some of the dough and eat little pieces of it and it was very good. Will make again and again. Thank you for the awesome recipe!

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Evilcin May 15, 2010

Another winner! I used 5 boneless skinless chicken thighs (so I left off the last 2 T of flour and cornstarch), and followed the recipe with the exception of substitutuing the seasoned salt, which I was out of, with a cumin blend mixture I always keeep on hand (chili powder, cumin, a little cayenne, granulated garlic and onion, a salt-parsley blend, etc). It took 8 minutes in about 2 inches of oil on medium heat to reach 185 degrees on the instant thermometer. I used a 99% fat-free condensed chicken soup and let the chicken sit on a rack after dredging, for an hour or so at room temperature. The coating adhered nicely, crisped up beautifully and the chicken was nice and moist inside. The skinless thighs worked perfectlly, I see no need to use a thigh with the skin on for this recipe (usually I find it helps keep the chicken moist, but it's not needed here!). I often oven fry chicken, and I think I may try that with this recipe as some reviewers did, just to make it a little healthier. This is a keeper recipe for sure! Update: I did this recipe again with 4 very large bone-in thighs, following the seasonings exactly but subbing cream of mushroom soup for the cream of chicken. I browned in the oil over med-high heat for 8-10 minutes, then removed to pan with a rack and baked at 350 for 45 minutes, to an internal temperature of 180, and it was also excellent prepared this way with the big bone-in thighs. (I'd checked the internal temp at 30 minutes and it was barely 160 degrees.)

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jaybee chef July 06, 2012

Yum, yum, yummy this is good chicken. I put the chicken pieces in the soup mixture for the afternoon and then floured them and let them sit for an hour. They fried up so wonderfully. They were juicy and moist with a crispy crunchy coating on the outside. I will use this recipe again, we loved it. Thank you Kittencal for another winner of a recipe.

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mommyoffour February 25, 2012

My only change was to cut the chicken into strips. (I did add extra cayenne pepper & black pepper.) I also more than doubled the recipe. That made a lot of strips! LOL Great tasting chicken! Full of flavor! Served the strips with baked fries & slaw These strips would be great dunked in chicken gravy or alfredo sauce. Heck, it's great alone! My kids dunked theirs in, bbq sauce, honey mustard & ranch. The cream of chicken is key in this recipe. I can't wait to share this recipe with my friends! Thanks for sharing! :)

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Linajjac November 12, 2008

This was absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for this recipe! I will make this over and over again! Kittenkal, I love your recipes so much that many times I just search through your cookbook. I am guaranteed a delicious recipe everytime! Thank you so much, you make me look AWESOME!

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TheMayes August 30, 2008

Made this chicken for the kids and family, and EVERYONE luv'd, luv'd LUV'D it! Juicy and tasty with every crispy bite. I added a small scoop of chili powder and it kicked up the heat and the flavors perfectly. Definitely a keeper!

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marthatrejo2003 October 21, 2014

I usually don't make fried chicken because I don't know how. But I followed your recipe and it came out really well. Everyone enjoyed it.

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bmcnichol March 24, 2014
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