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schlamand August 09, 2007

Background: This was given to me as a challenge by my friend Herkimer. It was a random recipe pick. I had never even heard of Foie Gras -much less be able to pronunce it. The more research I did into what this was, the worse it got for me. Not only had I never heard of Foie Gras, I wouldn't have know a turnip if I fell over one. Needless to say - with NO Enthusiasm - it took me a couple of weeks just to pull the ingredients together. **I never did find what I thought Foie Gras really was - but ended up getting Liverworst Pate. I was lucky to come up with a turnip and that ended up in a package of 3 (the least I could find). Instead of Sherry Wine Vinegar, which was something else I couldn't find I used Red Wine Vinegar. After searching 4 or 5 stores in a couple of neighborhoods - those were the staples I finally settled on. I had no luck finding unsalted broth of any kind so I just used a can of Beef Broth. The recipe: The recipe was easy - once I figured out what I needed, what it looked like and what to do with it. I flattened the Liverworst Pate into thin patties between wax paper. But my excitement for what was about to happen still wasn't there. As the ingredients started cooking and melding together, the aroma got interesting. By the time I added the Red wine vinegar - I found myself "getting hungry!" When the time came to sear the liverworst pate - well that got interesting. It made it into the hot frying pan ok - but when I went to turn them, the patties fell apart. No problem though - it just made more... The Conclusion: While I went into this with a non-enthusiastic heavy heart, I was quite surprised by the outcome. It wasn't the worse meal I've made - but it wasn't the best one I've made. It was though, in the words of Herkimer - "another expanding of my culinary horizons." If I never eat Foie Gras or a turnip again the rest of my life - at least I can say "I bought, I cooked, I tried." Oh yeah... never say never!

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL March 26, 2007
Seared Foie Gras With Braised Turnip and Sherry Sauce