Seared Ahi Tuna Tartare With Avocado

READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by Aunt Cookie

From I have to say, I had to muster up all of my willpower not to eat this all in one sitting. This is a lot like ceviche, without the long wait for the lime juice to "cook" the fish. If you're preparing this far ahead of time, you may want to add the avocado at the last minute (it will discolor if it sits for too long). I hope you like it!

Top Review by Dories Lori

This was pretty simple, and very delicious! First, I will say that I personally don't much like plain avocado, so I subbed frozen extra sweet corn - about 2/3 cup. This worked extremely well, but I am very certain that this would also be great with the avocado, as it was intended to be. (In fact, my husband enjoyed it with the guacamole from the other part of our dinner.) The ingredient amounts seemed right on. Other than the corn, I followed the recipe pretty closely, except subbed 1/2 canola oil for 1/2 the olive oil (mine is strongly flavored). One other thing - we wanted a little heat, so I added some of the chopped ribs and seeds from the jalapeno. Waited, and no heat. Added more, same thing. Well, I ended up adding 1 1/2 jalapenos, seeds, ribs and all, in order to get a little heat. Bummer that my first jalapeno was so wimpy! But, I did have the foresight to buy 2, and the second one worked fine. Plus, every time I added the seeds and ribs, I waited for the heat to spread in the dish, and then, of course, had to taste it ;-) Well, it is a good thing the second pepper was hot, because the dish was disappearing quickly due to my tasting. :-) YUM! So, whatever was left after my tasting, we ate in those little tortilla scoops. My husband and I both felt that this dish would be especially tasty in the summer, with a cold beer... I know I will be making it again ~ can't wait to serve it to friends. I am also envisioning making it more of a main dish by adding black beans, and maybe some red pepper. Well, thanks Aunt Cookie, for a Very Tasty Recipe!

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  1. Brush the tuna with 1/2 tb. of the oil and sprinkle it with salt and pepper.
  2. Put a heavy skillet on high heat for a few minutes, then sear the tuna for about 3 minutes on each side. The tuna should be brown on the outside and nearly opaque on the inside.
  3. Let the tuna cool, then chop it into small pieces.
  4. Combine all the ingredients, stirring just to blend.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste, and chill.
  6. Serve with tortilla chips or baguette slices.

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