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I modified this recipe a little to fit DH's tastes. I used tilapia fillets, green olives instead of black, & diced green peppers in the place of carrots. Everything was placed into my tagine & cooked for an hour.

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Nasseh September 25, 2009

This was our first tagine and we loved it! This is an excellent recipe full of aroma from lemon, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and saffron. Most of the aromatics are right here in one dish. I did not have preserved lemons and as was suggested in the zaar forum, I boiled a Meyer lemon for 40 minutes and used that in place of preserved lemon. Cod was used in place of red snapper and also fresh ginger was used in place of ground ginger. Initially, when I placed the fish on top of the tomato mixture I thought it may be bit dry and added 1/4 C gewurztraminer that I was drinking while cooking to the dish (LOL) and I think it was a good addition. Because the cod I was using was quite thick, the last cooking time was more like 30 minutes simmer stove top instead of 10 minutes indicated. Perhaps the person who thought this dish was too sweet used sweet lemon preserve/jam instead of preserved lemons common in Middle Eastern cooking. We can't wait to try other tagine dishes after tasting this one. BTW, we thought gewurtztraminer went extremely well with this dish. Thank you chef 573036 for posting this fabulous recipe.

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Rinshinomori February 13, 2008

Living on the east coast of florida any seafood is a favorite. This dish however was way too sweet for my familys taste after adding the lemon.

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ruthej October 14, 2007
Seafood Tagine