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I did lots of fiddling with this recipe and it still turned out great. I could not get fennel; so I substituted the same amout of chopped celery and 2 tsp. of fennel seeds. I did not use Pernod either because I didn't have it. Still had a great fennel flavor that was just right and very unique. I forgot the parsley. For seafood I used meat from 3 chix lobsters, 0.5 lb of scallops and 7 large shrimp-which made quite a lot of filling. This recipe doesn't state what type of dish to bake this in. While I assumed it was a pie dish, I was serving this for a dinner party, and didn't want that "messy" look. I used corning dishes that were about 5.5 inches across and 2.5 inches deep to create "individual" pies. With the volume of meat used, I ended up with enough for the 4 corning dishes, and also a shallow 9 inch pie plate (left overs!). The dough is very rubbery, and contracts back on itself when rolled; a bit more challenging than regular pie crust-but cooks up hard and crispy, like a pot pie should be. The dough recipe was enough for the 4 corning dishes with a bit left over. I did not line the dishes with dough. I just filled them with the filling and covered the top with dough. I liked this better. Did the same with the pie. I made these pies up the day of my dinner party, wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated until it about an hour before dinner. Cooked them for only 1 hour (could have been less as tops were a little over done). My oven runs cold, so the recommended 1.5 hours would have been too much. These were delicious and a big hit at my dinner party. The only draw back was the time it took to prep. However I had good luck with doing ahead. I think you could even do this the day before and it would be OK. (in fact I took 2 days before I cooked the "left over" pie and was still OK).

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Brown Norway January 03, 2010

This was absolutely yummy! Followed the instructions except that I used fish stock, 1 tsp cognac, heavy cream, a little salt and pepper and lotsa bay's seasoning for lobster bisque like flavour. Mixed with a can of crab meat and pour it over the prawns, cream snapper chunks, scallops, peas and sweetcorn. And of course being the lazy gal I am, I used frozen butter puff pastry. Everyone was raving about it when I served this during a dinner last week! :)) Thanks!

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Cook Food Mood April 26, 2010

I saw her do the Lobster Pie and I can't wait to try this. Thanks so much for posting.

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Chef Bazaz #343028 August 10, 2009
Seafood Pot Pie