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This seafood gumbo is awesome!! I cooked the roux until it was a nice caramel brown color. The crab boil entices you with its smell and gives such incredible flavor. I used halibut and included the oysters. Fabulous!! Put some up in the freezer for later. Thanks pappergoddess.

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ratherbeswimmin' December 13, 2002

Thanks for sending a piece of New Orleans to my home with this recipe. Great authentic flavor!! I've made this a couple of times now. Put in 1 1/2 lbs of shrimp. 2 lbs is a little too shrimpy for me, and 1/2 pint of oysters. They are easier to avoid for those that don't like them. Used bay scallops instead of fish, and Old Bay Seafood Seasoning for the crab boil. Didn't bother with the cheesecloth. Great directions for the roux. It came out perfectly. Even though I tweaked the recipe to my taste, it's still a 5 star recipe.

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Catfish Jimmy February 08, 2010

This was beyond delicious love it added a few extra things here and there but didn't modify it too much it was very good thanks I'm going to make this again :)

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priya618_8802759 February 11, 2015

Very good recipe..i used old bay bag &.removed 30mins prior to serving..i also added chicken & sausage @ same.time I added my veggies..will skip on crab next time & add more shrimp & crawfish tails...recipe a winner

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Gsimons85 March 11, 2012

We made this for our dinner last night (Fat Tuesday) and it was an outstanding gumbo. I followed the directions exactly, except for adding a pkg of mixed seafood (octopus, squid, cuttlefish,shrimp and mussels) to all the other seafood. We loved it. Mine did turn out a little runny but no matter it was still fantastic. I thought maybe it was cuz I added all the oyster liquor to it. Thank you for this new family favorite. We were all so stuffed after dinner we skipped dessert!

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mommyoffour March 09, 2011

This is THE BEST gumbo I have ever had. I made it twice in the past week since I discovered it, one time for friends who thought it was outstanding as well. As for me, I don't like fish or oysters in my gumbo, so Ieft those out. I love everything else about it. I make my roux in a small sauce pan. It cooks up very quick;y so there's less stirring and doesn't stick. Am giving my family members dutch ovens and this recipe for Christmas presents!! Thanks PaperGoddess

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jlhoss December 13, 2010

Have not tried this recipe yet, but as soon as I purchase the ingredients I will. The recipe looks like a very good one and one that won't work you to death. I would like to make a suggestion on the preparation. When you make the roux have your vegetables ready and throw them in the roux just when it reaches perfection. This stops the roux from continuing to cook and possibly burn. When making a roux with okra I put the okra in first. That keeps the okra from being slimy in the gumbo.

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bgmc February 12, 2010

So yummy and easy to make. I was too lazy to shell my shrimp, I regret that decision. This recipe is a keeper, thanks!

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Pletcha January 27, 2010

Never made gumbo before. With this recent "Artic Blast" we had in Houston, was looking for something that was a comfort food. Found this recipe and it was exactly what I was looking for. Made it just as the recipe said and it was wonderful. Wouldn't change a thing. Thanks Papergoddess.

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Janet Curfman January 09, 2010

Our 14 and 11 yo children just made this, our first Gumbo, for Christmas and it was a big hit. We used shrimp, crab claws, scallops and crawfish tails. I'm from Louisiana and never dreamed we'd be able to make an authentic gumbo, but thanks to this recipe,we were able to recapture a family treasure from back "home". Most of the 5 star seafood gumbos share common traits but you can't go wrong with this recipe. We plan to make it again for New Years. Be sure to have a dark roux and don't overdo the crab boil and your golden. Will post a pic if I can figure how. Thank you, thank you.

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mgin December 26, 2009
Seafood Gumbo