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Rating this as fair is being generous; I almost thought we would have to forget eating this and go out for dinner. I used less than half of the prescribed amount of curry, 2/3 the amount of ginger, 1/4 the amount of chilis, and that provided the right amount of heat for me (and I like spicy). Meanwhile, it was all my daughter could do to eat this (she doesn't like spicy). But that isn't my main concern. There was a lot of flavor, but it was more weird than good. Of course, that is a personal taste thing. But there was no depth of flavors or layering of flavors. I thought it was strange that there was no seasoning mentioned in the recipe so I did depart from the recipe and add some fish sauce which helped but not enough for me to call this anywhere near good.

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Oskarduck February 27, 2013

Delicious! What a nice blend of flavors. I used shrimp, and tilapia instead of cod. This is a keeper! Thanks for posting.

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Outta Here February 10, 2007
Seafood Curry (Malu Curry)