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Great chowder! I couldn't find canned lobster but added a little extra shrimp & scallops. After the first bowl (which was great) I added a small amount of crumbled bacon & chopped green chiles. I will be making this again. Not too often because I would eat too much!! LOL

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UT Theta Chef December 22, 2010

Absolutely amazing. Really. You need to make this now. I was able to put this together for the two of us without going bank-rupt so you can too. And I used all fresh ingredients. I just went to the fresh fish market, and got 6 clams for 30 cents each, got 4 sea scallops that were HUGE and were in total 3.10 a bit of lobster (already cooked) from a seafood deli, for 3.00 and I was set. Got the cream and proceeded. This was the best seafood chowder I have ever, ever made. Since I had fresh clams, I used some fresh shrimp broth instead. This was absolutely the bomb! We loved this so much, I hope that many will see this and make it soon! We loved it Nora! Made for *Soups On* Diabetic Forum, January 2010

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm January 25, 2010

Gave this a 5 star rating because I got loved it..but..in all fairness, I have to explain that I needed to make a few changes. I still felt that it was worthy of five stars..you be the judge. 1. I did not have any lobster tails fresh or canned. I used fresh frozen shrimp, clams and scallops that I had on hand. I used white pepper, half n' half for the cream. No juice from canned clams so I lightly sauted the shellfish in the butter first, removed and then continued with the directions. I was in the mist of a cooking frenzy, so I used my crockpot also. About 1/2hr before serving, I threw in 1/2 cup sweet peas. Sooo, please forgive me NoraMarie, if you feel I did an injustice to your recipe, but sure was good!

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Happy Harry #2 March 03, 2006
Seafood Chowder