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Made my first batch with this recipe last night. I decided to make a ServingX4 batch so I had adjusted all my measurements. I had issues when boiling the milk of the milk burning on the bottom slightly, leaving clumps of burnt milk in the mixture. I solved this by straining it before adding the egg whites and cooling it and it worked rather well, as well as made the mixture more creamy in texture, though ideas on fixing the burning would be nice. Turning the temperture down as the milk mixture thickens helps it alot. I also measured my sea salt as I added it to taste and found that for the listed size 1/2tsp of the sea salt is a perfect blend for starters. It is a 1:1 ratio of sweet:salty and can be altered once you have made it once and tasted it. The food coloring didnt want to mix in well, so I advise taking an electric mixer with a wisk attachment and running it on a very low setting for about a minute to get it all properly blended. Mine came out rather ice hard in freezing because of bad planning and I couldnt properly stir it as it froze, but the small sample bowl I made and could stir as it froze came out creamy and delicious. The recipe would be easier and probably better with an ice cream maker, but overall was simple to make and came out wonderfully.

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Jaelyndari June 10, 2009

zOMG coming from one of the biggest KH otaku EVERRR....okay that's a lie, if you're a KH otaku you're pretty much on the same level as the rest of us. but it was delicious. my friends and i couldn't get it to a custard thickness; we had to choose between frozen-liquid ice cream or eggy-chunk-filled-ice cream. so we chose frozen-liquid, and it turned out fine, so if it doesn't get custardy-thick don't freak out ^^

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hibliskiss May 18, 2009

I made this a fe weeks ago. I liked this a lot even though I wasent so sure. I liked the game as well but I still wasent so sure about sea salt ice cream. I did it to my taste and it turned out wonderfully. I dident have any food colorning but the taste was there. Next time Ill get the colorning so it will look like the one in KH2. Will defiently make this agian! :)

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StickyBunz November 20, 2008

It came out pretty well. There are just a few things I'd change around. If you're doing this all by hand/whisk (and I was), I recommend saving step two for during step six (edited). Instead of beating the egg whites right off the bat, I'd wait until you have some time to kill. It cuts down on prep time and you don't have to do it over again if it separates while you're cooking the custard. The other thing I'd change about this recipe is the lack of a clear measurement on how much sea salt to put in. I didn't measure how much I put in and it turns out it wasn't enough. When I tasted the final product, it was only just a little saltier than regular French Vanilla ice cream. Two tips I'd give as well: 1. Have friends around to work on multiple steps at once. We cut down on a lot of prep time because we had extra hands. 2. When you're making the custard, you should turn the heat gradually lower as it thickens. It ended up boiling on me because I left it on medium heat a bit too long. 3. If your custard DOES end up boiling, or if your milk ends up getting a skin to it, just whisk it all back in at a rapid pace. It'll melt back into the mixture. 4. Pour the boiling milk slowly into the egg yolk/sugar mixture (which is supposed to be whisked until it's a smooth, pale yellow color) so as to avoid making an omelette. I went just a little too fast at some parts and ended up with little solid bits of egg yolk in the mixture. When I figure out how much sea salt you should put in for a really tasty treat, I'll let you know. Of course different people have different tastes, so any set amount should be tampered with at least a little until you get what's right for you. ~_^

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Akumu Nokami August 30, 2008

I haven't even made it yet and I LOVE it I'm making it tonight and I hear it is delicious :] KINGDOM HEARTS FOREVER!!!

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KingdomHeartsFinalFantasyLove August 01, 2008

I made this this morning; i don't have an ice-cream maker, and the mixture didn't go as thick as it probably should have, but it tastes like ice-cream should and it's delicious! A great treat for an Akuroku fan like myself xD thank you for this recipe!

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dillydally_shillyshally July 29, 2008

I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan, so I'm so glad you posted this! Thanks!

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CrazyMissRenea June 01, 2008

Heehee. This ice cream is very yummy. My friend is about to move away so I tried to "remake" the scene of Axel and Roxas on the big clock in Twilight Town. It tasted like vanilla ice cream with saltyness hidden in it. But, it was yummy. Me and my friend enjoyed it. I can't eat it everyday though...I'm on a diet. But I think I should add a little more sea salt for that salty sweet taste. ^ ^

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Princejiyoung May 13, 2008
Sea Salt Ice Cream