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Pat, your recipe is an authentic delish! It's sooo easy and so beautiful.
I did not have canned apples and I used fresh ones. I simply prepared the recipe as described prior placing the filling I baked the apples about 15 minutes until slightly soft.
I used frozen fillo which was a little dehydrated. I had to brush the sheets with water and then shape them to roses. In any case this was not a big problem and the roses came out very cute and impressive.
Thanks a lot for this recipe, it's a real winner and I will do it again!

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awalde May 01, 2012

O.k..... I was not too sure about this recipe I must admit, it looked easy and great but would the family like it ....another thing???? So her is the verdict...... This is one fantastic apple pie, so easy with such a fantastic flavour and the texture from the pastry just made this a superb dessert! I made nearly as per recipe........ only one thing different I used fresh apples and cooked them a few minutes in the microwave other than that..... everything was the same as the recipe. I did have a problem with my pastry........... It was frozen pastry I bought and when I defrosted and unfolded it it was all torn in the packet. So with improvised rosettes I didn't do too bad........... if I do say so myself! Gorgeous recipe, easy peasy and wonderful flavours, I should never have doubted one of Pat's recipes in the first place! Pat, the family loved this pie..... served with cream it was demolished with ewww's amd ahhh's in an instant! I have left over pastry & even with it being torn...... I will be making again soon.

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Tisme July 06, 2010

What a great idea!!!And so little work involved.Mine actually took a little longer,because I used apples rather than the canned variety,which is not available,but it was still fast and so easy to put together. I added a little lemon rind and even though I'm a big fan of apple pie I prefer this one to it.I don't like getting dough on my hands. Thanks for sharing another great recipe.

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littlemafia January 13, 2010

Wow Pat, what a ripper of a recipe. I made this for lunch today for a dear friend whose tummy can't cope with regular pastry anymore. I added some wild blackberries we had in the freezer and we ate it with custard. I had a 800g can of apples and managed to use all the filo.

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JustJanS June 08, 2009

What a great idea for a quick and easy dessert! Simple to make, impressive to look at, and delicious. I'm sure any flavor of pie filling would be great with this. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and really enjoyed - thanks for posting the recipe!

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loof June 06, 2009
Scrunchy Apple Pie