Scrappy Snack

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2 mins
0 mins

Taken on It's written to pour it in a shot glass. I would do it in 2 shot glasses cause of the amount of liquid.

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  1. Shake up with ice, pour into shot glass.
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I was skeptical when I tagged this, but I had to try it. I was amazed at how wonderful all these flavors tasted together. I will make this again!!! Thanks for a nice sweet tropical cocktail! (Made for Bevy Tag 4/08) ~V

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Wow, who knew this combination would be so tasty! Loved the fruitiness! DH and I both did one for dessert tonight!

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Perfect fruity tropical flavor! This is a wonderful way to end the day!!!! Creamy bit of paradise in a glass. Thanks for posting this!! **1-2-3 tag***