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This is a very rich, crumbly and super delish shortbread recipe!!!!
It comes together quickly and easily and tastes very yummy.
I liked the way the butter was incorporated as it was way easier than rubbing and kneading it in in its solid state. Somehow I ended up with a very liquid dough, though eventhough I did not add all the butter called for. Maybe thats just the different climate here. I had to add in a good deal more flour, but that did the trick.
The baking time seemed a little too long as my shorbread was coloured quite quickly (maybe after 15 min), but I think the full 30 min are really needed for the dough to bake through.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this special and delish treat with us, starrynews!
Made and reviewed for your being VIP during Veggie Swap #25 August 2010.

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Lalaloula August 10, 2010

As a HUGE shortbread fan, this was great. Made for ZWT8, The Fearless Red Dragons

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cookingpompom August 18, 2012

I thought the flavor and texture of this shortbread was very good. Mine only crumbled a little bit which I attributed to my not pressing hard enough when I put the dough into the pan. I highly recommend this shortbread! Made for PAC Spring 2012.

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CarrolJ April 21, 2012

Made this to take on a 4x4 club meeting outing and it was very well received. I baked at 160C fan forced for 40 minutes but think I will take this back to 35 minutes as it was a little browner than I liked around the edges. This is also the first time I have made shortbread using melted butter but the result was a nice crumbly shortbread that melts in the mouth. Thank you Starrynews, made for Everyday A Holiday.

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I'mPat January 10, 2011
Scottish Shortbread