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This is a wonderful dish. So delicious. I followed the directions to a T this time around, but I can see that other berries would be great and look forward to trying them. Thanks for sharing! ZWT6

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Starrynews July 01, 2010

The reader's digest version of this review is: Make this! Your tastebuds will thank you! For those who appreciate verbosity, this is a simple,delicious recipe that will be well suited for the upcoming warmer months. The toasting of the oats brings out a darker, roastier character that appeals to my palate, and that contrasts well with the sweet richness of the cream. In fact there's so much going on from a flavor standpoint, my palate was texturally challenged in that it thought the mix should have had a heavier mouthfeel than it did. But lighter than air certainly works, so much so that I had a VERY hard time not finishing the whole batch, not putting any away to chill. Highly recommended.

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stingo April 01, 2010
Scottish Cream Crowdie With Raspberries