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Absolutely delicious! I grew up in San Diego, and used to enjoy these in school. If you are a peanut butter fan, you'll love these. After I made them, I passed them out to a few neighbors and several co-workers. Everyone gave them rave reviews! They are pretty easy to make, but I have a few suggestions to help ensure that they come out just right. First, try grinding up the oats into a fine powder in your blender. Then, sift the oat powder in with the other dry ingredients. If you don't grind up the oats, your chews will have a sort of "oatmeal cookie" texture. Second, the glaze portion of the recipe as written does not make enough glaze to completely cover the chews. Try doubling the glaze portion of the recipe. Third, mixing the glaze ingredients in your blender will ensure a much smoother consistency for your glaze. Fourth, let the chews cool a good 20-30 minutes before you try to put the glaze on them. Fifth, let them cool at least an hour before you attempt to cut them. I hope these suggestions prove helpful! Enjoy!!

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gijoni September 25, 2006

I liked this recipe alot and it's "almost" exactly like the pnut chews we ordred at school...except that these turned out a little bit drier (or less chewy). My thinking is that public school cafeterias probably didn't use butter and perhaps shortening produces a more moist (and greasy) chew. I reduced the suguar by 1/2 cup because 3 cups of sugar total scared me!

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cadensmom October 08, 2008

Perfection! I grew up in the SDUSD and I am pleased with the end result. I used shortening and the chews came out very moist. I used a little less sugar and tripled the glaze so it covered the entire sheet. It's kid friendly to make. We made them last night and half the pan has disappeared already! I won't make a habit to make these (calories). Very yummy!

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valeria0322 March 09, 2013

I have the original recipe from the paper and the amounts in this recipe may be a bit off due to translation from ounces to volume. These are the differences I have: 5.5 ounces softened butter 7.5 ounces brown sugar 14 ounces granulated sugar 9 ounces peanut butter 8 ounces all purpose flour For the icing: 5 ounces powdered sugar 1 ounce peanut butter 2 TBSP plus 2 tsp very hot water The other ingredients are the same except mine says you can substitute shredded coconut for the rolled oats. I've eaten them both ways when San Diego City School's cafeterias used to bake them in school kitchens. Boy, I sure would like a few more of their recipes, especially the one for chocolate mint pie. They also had the best cheese enchiladas. I might add that the proportions of fats and sugars may be throwing this recipe off for some people as both effect moistness. Try using these proportions by weight and see if your recipe is more successful. Use of the proper pan may also be a factor. And don't forget to use an oven thermometer to test the accuracy of your oven. I have to set mine 12 degrees higher to attain the proper temperature. I use a 12 x 18 pan, also called a 2/3 sheet pan, that I bought at a restaurant supply store. They are so handy I bought two plus a rack to set inside them. I've got a batch cooking right now.

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mlaiuppa May 25, 2015

I remember these from School and I made them. Oh my gosh what yummy memories

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sugersnaps March 24, 2013
School Days Peanut Butter Chews