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I decided to try this because I was searching for a way to get my family to eat TVP. This worked fairly well. I was a little frustrated with the fact that there are no clear instructions for how to steam TVP (so people like me who have no clue about it don't have much to go on), but it worked out in the end. It tastes pretty good. My bet was that, with so many strong flavors, the TVP would blend in and I was right. This ends up being pretty expensive to make with the feta, the cheese, and the 2 jar of spaghetti sauce (though it does make a ton!). I don't think we'll make it again because of the expense and the fact that we only "liked it" (as opposed to loving it). That said, it is reasonably healthy and tasty. Thanks so much for submitting this one!

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ladypit December 14, 2004
Scheherazade Casserole, modified