Scents of Christmas

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5 mins
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Potpourri-smells great and most likely you'll have the items already in your pantry! This makes a great inexpensive gift...mix dry ingredients and place in small decorative glass jar or other container. INCLUDE the recipe as a package tie on. I usually DON'T include the lemon wedge and fresh orange peel unless I know they are going to use potpourri immediately...because, of course, cut fresh fruit will smell bad if left for too long!

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  1. Add ingredients to one quart water; bring to boil then reduce to LOW simmer.
  2. Use a small crock pot or on the stove top but be careful you don't run out of water--replenish water as needed!
  3. Mixture can be 'refreshened' the following day with success by adding water, new lemon slice and orange peel.