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What an amazing concept, a composed salad that is uncomposed sushi! Sushi is my all-time most favorite food, and this sushi salad is just more icing on the cake! I love the fact that you cook the vegetables with the mirin and soy sauce and sugar. I had so much fun putting this together, and when I served it as an appetizer I didn't want anyone to mix up my masterpiece. If you love sushi you are going to love this. All the wonderful flavors of sushi without all the rolling. I just made one change and that was to garnish with pickled ginger. Sharon, thinking of you!

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Mirj February 04, 2007

I had been wanting to try something like this for some time, ever since I saw a similar recipe in one of my cookbooks. I really liked this. I probably would use a little less sugar in the sushi rice, perhaps in some of the other ingredients too, and not use the tumeric - maybe ginger or something like that instead. Those are things that you can adjust for to meet your personal preferences. It's really very pretty and healthy.

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duonyte January 23, 2009
Scattered Sushi with Five Colors