Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

Drambuie & cranberry juice.


  1. Mix Drambuie with cranberry juice and serve over ice in a tall glass.
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very good, next time i will use a less sweeter cranberry juice for this drink, however it was delicious, thanks for sharing Mersaydees!

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I agree with Leslie! This IS dangerously delicious! I tripled the recipe and made a nice size drink over ice and nursed it during a movie. I bet this would be good with a shot of vodka as well. Thanks mersaydees!

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OK, this drink is dangerously delicious! Made it exactly as recipe stated, and it was just sooo good. I do believe it's my new favourite drink. ;) Give this one a will get all that good for you cranberry juice while you imbibe so it's like an added bonus with the alcohol LOL!Thanks for posting!