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I love dill and potatoes, but never thought of combining them like this in a soup. I cook my chicken with more ingredients - bay leaves, peppercorn, onion, carrots, celery flakes - which makes for a full-flavored broth. I also used considerably more dill - a good handful initially and then more on top. Did not have red onion, used a little shallot. Really nice!

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duonyte March 10, 2012

If you've never tried dill with chicken, you should and this would be a great dish to start. I took a short cut which maintained the flavor integrity of the recipe but cut the fat and cooking time a bit. Instead of a whole chicken, I used boneless skinless chicken breasts poached in broth for 12-15 minutes. I also used red potatoes diced with there skin on which were quite pretty contrasting with the flecks of dill in the soup. Dinner to the table in 30 minutes and the results not quite as good as a stock enriched with a whole chiken were absolutely delicious. The small amounts of dill add so much flavor to the potatoes and chciken. Can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch. Thanks!!

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justcallmetoni June 26, 2007

The dill and potatoes are what makes this a standout! I wasn't too sure about garnishing with red onions, but it added a nice taste. I never tire of chicken soup and will be adding this to my favorites. Thanks for posting BLUE ROSE.

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ElaineAnn November 21, 2006
Scandinavian Chicken Soup