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Didn't seem to warrant the cost of the leeks and wine. Didn't seem to give much flavor and I DUMPED fresh thyme in and the sauce, albeit good, was not a BAM!

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Clark H. May 10, 2016

I would have to start by saying that the taste was amazing. We made this recipe for a dinner party of five hungry friends and it was plenty. We served it over angel hair pasta which gave a nice base for the otherwise flavorful leeks. My only complaint is how many skillets and pots I needed to use. One for the leeks, one for the sauce, one for the scallops, one for the pasta, and we had to cook our side dish of asparagus.

The recipe doesn't mention it, but salting and peppering the scallops lightly before browning them in butter is important. Make sure to pat dry the scallops on paper towels first, or you won't get a good sear.

We served it with a light and lemony Spanish white wine, which paired beautifully. I will definitely make this recipe again!

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ninatallman April 13, 2011
Scallops with Leeks and Lemon Butter Sauce