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Delicious & comforting side dish! This was easy to throw together - and looked great when I pulled it out of the oven. This is a very homey type of dish - perfect for a chilly night. The taste was very flavorful, despite a limited number of seasonings. Quite tasty, thanks!

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HeatherFeather January 18, 2003

This recipe is really, really good! I first saw Ina make something similar on her show but she used fresh tomatoes. Since I didn't have fresh, I found this recipe with canned tomatoes and gave it a go. Wow, was I surprised! Surprised only because cooked tomatoes as a side dish doesn't usually appeal to me. I was so skeptical that I made half the recipe and boy was I sorry. My husband loved it as well. I freeze leftover sandwich bread (heals and such) so I used Ina's method of toasting. She cuts the bread in cubes then tosses them in a pan with olive oil to coat and browns them there. I also added Panko bread crumbs with the cheese (Parmesan) and the butter for a topping. Thanks, Barb for posting! We will definitely be making this again! One question though, if you are out there... do you use diced and do you drain your tomatoes? I did.

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Tami Defenderfer January 29, 2010

This was ok. I think it had too much sugar for me, and I couldnt move past that. I followed this to a T and used garlic white cheddar as the cheese. I might make this again, but I will lower the sugar in it. Thanks

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~*Miss Diggy*~ November 19, 2007

Amazing recipe and result. I substituted 1/2 a loaf of Brea Roasted Garlic bread that had gone stale insted of the toast. Instead of the final slice of toast and melted butter I topped with bread crumbs and pats of butter. Turned out great!

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Eric #2 January 18, 2007
Scalloped Tomatoes au Gratin