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WOW !! Talk about labor intensive !! Derf, don't know where you got "25 min. prep" ! -- was in the kitchen ALL day, the day before Christmas Eve !! Since it was noted to bake for 3-4 hours, I did 3, the night before, then let it warm for almost an hour before serving. Must say the appearance wasn't very "festive" - but the flavors were wonderful ! I was serving 9, including 2 12 year olds, so increased by 2 potatoes, and kept an eye for drying out -- added about another 1/2 cup milk after an hour or so. EVERYONE had (at least) 2 helpings -- couldn't see my sil's plate, but was great accompaniment to our traditional Imperial Crab and broccoli casserole (this time #11168) Won't be my usual Wednesday night fare, but was a big hit for the family !! Thanks, Derf P.S. -- wouldn't "mandolin" the garlic again -- chopping with a knife or even slicing bulbs, would take LESS time !

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NurseJaney December 27, 2006

I'm not sure what it was but nobody really cared for the potatoes.

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RachelB-KY April 27, 2011

This dish was wonderful! The Scalloped Pototoe dish "lovers" in the family thought this was possibly the best recipe for the dish that they'd ever tried. For the non-scalloped potatoe dish folks, well...this may have converted a few people over. Outstanding. I had to say that you should probably allow more like 45 minutes to an hour of prep. But once done, it went from kitchen to oven, to table without a hassle. (and the house smelled so good while it was cooking!) Thanks!

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mgeneral April 05, 2010

Very good. I didn't find that it took all day to prep at all. I didn't mandolin the garlic, but sliced it by hand instead. I also added mozerella cheese to it and I couldn't find jalapeno havarti so I subb'd herb havarti. Everybody loved it. Thanks!

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SVSOUZA April 08, 2007
Scalloped Potatoes, Onions and Garlic