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Rich and creamy doesn't begin to cover it. It's basically a warm hug from your grandma kind of comfort. Mine required a little more time in the over, but otherwise very good.

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kcmart10 February 12, 2013

This recipe would have earned 5 stars were it not for the fact that it was somewhat of a pain in the ass to prepare. First, it has you slice up 4 potatoes and then parboil them and DRY THEM COMPLETELY before you can put them in the dish. This takes a while, and means you have to have a space large enough to dry the potatoes completely, which I didn't. Second, it calls for you to shred 1/2 a cup of provolone cheese. When was the last time you saw provolone cheese anything but sliced? I suppose I could have asked for a block of it at the deli counter, but who the heck knows how much of it you need to produce 1/2 a cup shredded (hint: it's not going to be a lot). So I bought sliced provolone, bunched it up, and grated it that way, which was kind of a pain.<br/><br/>That being said, this was one of the better scalloped potato recipes I have eaten. The potatoes were tender, the cheese mix was delicious, and the brown crust that develops on top in the oven was crispy and delicious. I used half and half instead of heavy cream (next time I will try it with fat free half and half) and it was still delicious. It's actually worth the pain in the ass to prepare it.

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LaurenS212 April 20, 2014
Scalloped Potatoes