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This is quite a different appetizer! I don't believe we've ever tried anything like it before! I used Finlandia, but would like to try it with Grey Goose as Leslie suggests, or Belvedere, another favorite of mine. This would be fun to have in the summer, at the end of a day of gardening, relaxing on the deck. Made for Recipe Swap #12. Thanks, Leslie! Originally reviewed January 28, 2008.

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mersaydees August 15, 2012

This was the most interesting martini I have ever eaten?... drank?
I used Bay scallops as I had them on hand. I reduced the marinating time to 2 hours so the little darlings wouldn't get overcooked. They looked stunning and tasted like nothing I have had before. Maybe a drunken ceviche? I made the full recipe although there were only two of us. DH ate/drank his and thought it was ok but didn't want another. I thought it was both intriguing and odd. I had a second one and it became less odd and when I had the third I was rather liking it. A lot apparently. :) Gorgeous presentation and a unique flavour! I would make this again when we have more adventurous people over or at least people with a more sophisticated palate than my own. Made for The Bistro Babes - ZWT 8

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K9 Owned August 15, 2012

Don't you know that I am EVERYWHERE and there are no secrets that you can hide from me? Muhahahahahahaha. :-) Thanks for the dedication, dear friend! I'll shove Dugan out to sea on an ice floe and tell him not to come back to shore until he rustles me up some fresh scallops. Haha. Love you. Potsie!

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Pot Scrubber February 13, 2008
Scallop Martinis