Recipe by ratherbeswimmin

A digestif, meaning intended to be served after-dinner to aid digestion. Originated in New Orleans. Hate rye whiskey so we make ours with bourbon.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 ounce Pernod
  • 2 ounces Bourbon
  • 12 ounce simple syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water)
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • 1 lemon twist


  1. Rinse a chilled glass with Pernod (to rinse a glass with liquor, pour ½ oz of spirit into the glass, swirl the spirit around inside of the glass so that the entire surface of the glass’ bowl has been coated; then discard the rest of the spirit).
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice; add in bourbon, simple syrup and bitters.
  3. Shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Strain the drink into the glass; garnish with a lemon twist.

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